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New Growth for an Established Local Brand

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How we Built and Marketed the Industry’s Best E-Commerce System.

The Story Behind Green Drop's Competitive Online Advantage.


Green Drop had a strong offline brand presence in Calgary and a long list of of satisfied customers when we first met with them. With an established reputation of over 30+ years, Green Drop was already widely considered the company to call for weed control and lawn care in western Canada. But traditional marketing efforts such as the Yellow Pages and print ads were not yielding the results Green Drop had benefited from in the past.

The team at Pump saw a huge opportunity for Green Drop, but it was important that we had a strong foundational website to work with. We planned, designed and built their new website to bring their digital brand up to speed with affordance for ongoing development of high-yielding features on top of it. The new site was beautiful, but even Green Drop didn't quite understand how powerful it was.


There were two main goals for our first project with Green Drop. First, we needed an attractive site that could be easily found by people who were looking for information about lawn care services. Second, we needed to convert those people who visited the site, by turning them into Green Drop customers.

Our process started with three important steps: 
1) A consultation with Green Drop’s ownership team
2) A full industry analysis to find ways to differentiate Green Drop from their competition
3) An iterative design and planning process to make sure our vision was aligned with theirs.

With the insights we gained from the initial process, we went on to complete the full web site redesign and marketing strategy that included: 
• Keyword research and focused copywriting.
• A custom e-commerce system where customers could learn about Green Drop’s services, request estimates for those services, and even book and pay for them online. 
• An easy to use management system for updating content and service packages. 
Search Engine Marketing strategies to cost-effectively attract more site visitors from Google and other search engines.

The Numbers


Increase in Online Revenue


Boost in Organic Search


Annual Online Transactions


Adwords Conversion Lift

Key Features of the Build

Website Redesign: Visitor usability was the major focus of the website design. We wanted people coming to the site to be able to immediately find the information they were looking for, whether it was details on Green Drop’s services or informative articles to help educate their customers on growing beautiful lawns and trees.

Navigation choices were narrowed into the few obvious and often-used options to eliminate clutter. First-time visitors were presented with key information on popular products to help them choose the best package for their needs before booking them directly online. Colourful calls to action and friendly prompts were incorporated to help returning customers quickly find the Customer Care Center and contact information specific to their location using smart geo-locating features.

This focus on their customer’s online experience generated a huge increase in user engagement immediately after launch. Green Drop’s customers could now easily book their services online, which had the added benefit of easing some of the burden on their customer service teams. Their fresh website design finally presented the level of professionalism they were known for in their market.

E-Commerce Platform: With a beautiful new design that attracted more visitors to the site, we wanted to provide a way to convert those visitors into happy customers as efficiently as possible. We worked closely with the Green Drop management team to design an e-commerce platform that allowed visitors to book lawn care packages and services right from their website.

It was very important that their system fit in tightly with their current business model and be built to grow along with their business. With their bottom line in mind, we decided to build a fully-custom e-commerce system, rather than trying to force a pre-built system to work with their processes.

By choosing to build a customized system we have been able to quickly add features that support their business needs as they have changed over the seasons and years. Green Drop’s marketing team is now able to easily promote seasonal services, share valuable content, and engage with their customers online using a system purpose-built for their business.

Online Marketing: After providing Green Drop with a manicured online presence and the ability to generate revenue online, we began to execute strategies to bring more people to their site and turn them into customers. Being primarily a seasonal business, it is extremely important to attract and convert as many visitors as possible in a short period of time.

Constantly-optimized search engine marketing campaigns help bring in new customers each season. Social media marketing engages new and existing customers, highlighting Green Drop’s personality and expertise. Email marketing campaigns help retain customers from season to season and keeps them educated and informed on proper lawn care and new Green Drop services. Search engine optimization and content marketing ensures Green Drop’s site is always visible at the top of search results when people are looking for their services most.

Since we started working with Green Drop in 2011, we have completely redesigned their website, built them a custom e-commerce platform to accept payments and bookings online, built a mobile version of the site, and strategized and executed a variety of online marketing strategies that have generated impressive results.

All of our efforts have consistently increased Green Drop’s exposure and online revenues each year. Most traditional marketing channels such as Yellow Pages and print advertising have now been replaced with online marketing that is more easily targeted, tracked, and executed. Green Drop’s online presence is now more efficient and accountable, and it has produced significant growth for their business.

Our ongoing relationship with Green Drop has allowed us to gain a deep insight into their business which has directed our online strategy development. Currently, we are working on a responsive redesign of the current site to optimize their customer’s experience, regardless of what type of device they use to access their site.

They put a proposal in front of us that included achieving R.O.I. in months.

Brian Gibson

VP at Green Drop

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