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Gibbs Gage

Custom Built Site for a Leading Architectural Firm


Gibbs Gage Architects is one of the largest architectural firms in Western Canada. For over 33 years the firm has completed over 2000 architectural, interior design and urban design projects. For this reason, the primary goal was to showcase their extensive portfolio.

The imagery on the portfolio page shifts and adapts to different screen sizes giving the page a dynamic feel. The layout also allows for Gibbs Gage to add photos with any aspect ratio. The photography and renderings are very well done, and therefore are placed at the forefront throughout the site.

Built on Craft CMS, the content management system provides Gibbs Gage with content flexibility, while keeping the overall look classic and creative as the projects they complete. 

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Craft CMS

Craft is a Content Management System aimed at developers. It came out of Beta in 2013 and has been growing in popularity and features at an astonishing pace. In our opinion, it now stands head and shoulders above the other options we have worked with. Learn More

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