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We launched a new website for Banbury Lane Design Centre and we couldn't be more excited to help them show it off! The custom site was built on Craft CMS so staff could easily manage site content while our team had the development flexibility we needed to build an awesome inspiration gallery to show off their brands and products!

When we first met with the Banbury Lane team, they knew they needed to update their 8 year old website and take digital seriously as they watched their competitors made strides to differentiate themselves online. Like many traditional businesses, the Banbury team knew a commitment to digital strategy is becoming more and more important as the years go by. The Banbury team knew what they didn't know, and needed a team to help them focus on what matters, improving their bottom line!

Instead of plunging head first into the intimidating and unfamiliar territory of e-commerce, we recommended an iterative approach to their digital strategy that would create demand for online transactions while we gathered insight and feedback into how and what their customers want to buy from their website. This started with some long-term planning followed by a strong foundational website that consolidated their marketing efforts while we tested the e-commerce landscape by building a custom inspiration gallery that prompts users to get in touch to inquire further. Using this data, our goal is to evolve their digital presence and eventually add the ability to purchase products from the website, stay tuned!

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