Putting Tourism Canmore on the Digital Map

We designed and built a site to attract more visitors. Then we built some pretty cool features to keep them there.

The Numbers Never Lie

Google E-town Awards


Google E-town Awards

Google Ranking for Canmore


Google Ranking for Canmore

Traffic Increase Y-O-Y


Traffic Increase Y-O-Y

Member Referrals


Member Referrals

Collaborative Digital Agency

Let your Website be your Engine

Tourism Canmore needed a Technical Partner that could work with them, not for them.


At Pump, we understand that the process of planning, designing and building a website core to your digital strategy can be intimidating, especially on a tight budget that demands a quick return. When we first met them, Tourism Canmore's website was packed with information but the clunky navigation made it difficult for users to find resulting in a high bounce rate and lack of engagement from visitors. Site maintenance and content updates were nearly impossible for in-house staff with the archaic Content Management System is was built on.

The Tourism Canmore team needed a technical partner that was adaptable and could work collaboratively with their staff to define and achieve their digital objectives. After a few initial consultations, we recommended rebuilding the website with a focus on a clean and professional look and feel, intuitive navigation for users and a highly leveraged back-end system that empowered the Tourism Canmore staff.

We put together a proposal that mapped out the road to digital success and articulated our expected return on their investment. Tourism Canmore pulled the trigger on the initial website rebuild and haven't looked back since!


By starting with why, we were able to dig deeper into Tourism Canmore's business model and apply our business expertise to their digital strategy. This allowed us to deliver a bench-mark website that did everything Tourism Canmore needed it to do and more!

The "look and feel" of the front-end design wowed site visitors and set the precedent for Destination Marketing Organizations in Canada. The power and usability of the back-end system put Tourism Canmore's staff in the drivers seat. The new site was aligned with their brand and was powerful enough to be the foundation for their digital strategy. After launch, traffic doubled year-over-year, their organic ranking on Google has increased to 1st or 2nd for the keyword "Canmore", and Tourism Canmore won the Google E-Town Award in 2012 and 2013.

After delivering the initial website we re-focused our efforts on building high-impact features that would differentiate Canmore from other tourist destinations and further engage site traffic. Features included a custom Trip Planner and a custom Wedding Planner that visitors could use to share venue ideas, find different service provider's in town and engage with Canmore through the Tourism Canmore website. Click throughs and leads to Tourism Canmore members increased by 30% within the first month.

Tourism Canmore

We build custom features that engage your audience and create additional revenue streams.

Core Features: When the Tourism Canmore site launched it had a variety features needed to meet user expectations for a world class destination: From sortable accommodation listings, Packages and Promotions, Image & Video Galleries, Interactive shopping maps and Weather information. Immediately users were far more engaged in the site and started booking more vacations with members.

Custom Trip Planner: With a fresh and polished website built to scale, we went to work on some custom interactive features to help Tourism Canmore showcase their Members and display what Canmore has to offer to visitors. This tool also created additional advertising channels and revenue streams for Tourism Canmore. Users are able to browse attractions in Canmore by categories, add the ones they are interested in to the "My Trip" section. They can then share their "Trip" with friends and family or through Social Media. After launching the Trip Planner, Tourism Canmore saw an increase in Member click-throughs of 30%!

Event Calendar: There's always lots on the go in Canmore, regardless of what time of year you visit. This small town has a BIG community feel to it and the team at Tourism Canmore wanted to make sure visitors could easily find information about upcoming events. They also wanted to provide a high traffic platform for local businesses to post their events on, which would help Tourism Canmore curate the content. So we made the tool super simple for Members to enter event information and for Tourism Canmore staff to edit and approve posts.

Custom Wedding Planner: To showcase Canmore's popularity as a wedding venue, we created an interactive Wedding Planning Tool that allows users to select, favourite, and share their favourite venues, service vendors, and activities involved with planning a wedding. The platform offers a virtual space where couples can easily brainstorm and share ideas with each other while they plan their special day. For local vendors that are Members of Tourism Canmore, it provided a direct marketing channel to wedding parties that they used to showcase and promote their services while making the wedding planning process that much easier for couples. The launch of The Wedding Planner saw another increase in site engagement including the number of visitors that returned to the site after leaving.

Tourism Canmore

More than just a web dev shop

“The Pump team is more than just our developer, they are a part of our marketing team. They understand our goals and always provide new and innovative ways of achieving them. We’ve seen incredible growth on our website since we brought them on.”

Luke Raymond, Marketing Specialist at Tourism Canmore