Remove PS prefix when exporting

How to remove the prefix photoshop adds to file names with the “layers to the files” export photoshop using bridge.

Often we’ll will make asset templates we handoff to clients and partners to make bulk exporting easy. Internally we use Sketch, but we find most clients and vendors more conformable with Photoshop. I like to stay organized in my files, but photoshop adds prefixes based on the art boards and layers used in the photoshop file. 

Removing the prefix is a hassle and most answers recommend a bash script or hacking the photoshop config files. I prefer not to fumble through this depth of code. 

Bridge can help enormously with this task, with  some very light regular expression it is easy to tweak to remove the prefixes, no matter how your file is organized. 

Layers in example: My goal is to export files named like my layers. 

The desired filename is “File-Name-I-Want.png”, however, despite leaving the File Name Prefix blank the export results in names like “_0000s_0000s_0000_File-Name-I-Want.png because of the layers. 

Bridge can help with the Batch Rename Feature.

Using the String substitution and very simple regular expression, the first 28 characters are removed. 

The regular expression is as follows:  ^.{28} 

This selects the first 28 characters. Depending on how your file is setup, you will need to change 28 to however many characters you want to remove. 

That’s it, no hacking, almost no coding. 

For a point of reference Im using Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop CC 2018