Project Foos

Also a reference article for explaining iterative design / development process.


An ongoing account of our internal foosball neediness. This is an evolving post following our internal foosball project as it takes shape.

0.0 - Classic Wooden Pegs

Sometime in 1923 This served us well, and is the de facto foosball tracking system. Tracks single games well, but we wanted to save this somewhere, and ultimately, get fun data on our foosball games. 

0.1 - Slack FoosBot

Feb 1 2016 We used slack to track who won games. Beyond ongoing score keeping, we got funny messages back. Entering data was somewhat cumbersome and after playing a few games we would forget who won the first one. It took several iterations and games of foos before we had a proper office leaderboard. 

0.2 - Initial Drag and Drop Interface

Feb 20th 2016 The first iteration of the drag and drop interface was a project defining milestone. (High five Jake) The interface streamlined the process of setting teams and getting the data into slack. 

March Updates 

  • UX update: confetti win animation, sound effects, Apple touch icon, frameless Safari window – Feels like a native app
  • Update Players function: grabs users from Slack, refreshes names, profile pics etc. 
  • Challenge function: send player challenge notifications (push delivered via Slack)

0.3 - Full player tracking (all pegs)

March 29 2016 Win / loose was just not enough data to satisfy. This step involved adding a more complex UI for poles, men, scoring, new layout and the perfect goal sound. The database also needed a fair bit of work to properly track all key sports stats. 

April Updates 

  • Random serve to start with Coin Flip Animation
  • Serve tracking
  • Game Clock
  • 1 vs. 1 Game Type
  • Set round final score
  • Momentum bar
  • Player numbers
  • Goal Undo
  • Player position switching 
  • Goal Stream
  • Stats Page (High five Brendan)

May Updates

  • Achievement system (High five Tim)
  • Hardware planning

0.4 - Hardware Prototype:

June 1016 We added buttons for tracking goals effortlessly. It looks like the Doc's Delorean, but gets the job done (High five Troy)

What's Next?

  • Update interfaces so buttons can control everything! 
  • Refine button housing / placement 
  • Quick Player Rotation at the end of the match
  • Add lots of Achievements / easter eggs