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Lead Back-End Developer Needed


Lead Back-End Developer


We are looking for an individual with a robust skill-set that will be responsible for custom web development throughout the entire lifecycle of various projects. Using their own leadership and programming skills, this person will be responsible for custom web development in PHP, PHP frameworks and PHP based Content Management Systems. They will be capable of managing the full cycle of the project including application architecture, database design/optimization, development implementation and Content Management System integration. They will have a general skill-set spanning front-end knowledge and back-end expertise with strong focus and interest in PHP, MySQL, Mac OSX and Linux OS environments.


  • 2+ years of experience in professional web development environment using PHP & MySQL
  • Very Strong PHP skills
  • Very Strong MySQL skills
  • Strong experience with PHP frameworks, preferably CakePHP
  • Strong experience with PHP Content Management Systems such as Craft and ExpressionEngine
  • Strong experience with Linux server configuration including familiarity with Apache, MySQL, PHP and NginX configuration
  • Strong references working in a collaborative, team based environment
  • Strong experience with front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS and jQuery
  • Strong team player and problem solving skills


  • Development of robust and user-friendly PHP based web applications.
  • MySQL server configuration and performance optimization
  • Placement and layout of website pages given client provided content.
  • Application/Framework design as needed.
  • Specifications/Requirements gathering as needed.
  • Routine daily maintenance of existing sites and applications.

Daily Tasks:

  • Assist in gathering requirements and project specifications
  • Attend project kickoff meetings with clients as needed.
  • Take ownership of daily project needs and communications.
  • Communicate project status and deliverables with managers and clients.
  • Record time daily.
  • Design, create and program MySQL databases per project needs.
  • PHP development per project needs.
  • Perform routine site maintenance as needed.
  • Other tasks as needed for successful project completion.


Based on competitive rates and experience level of applicants.

Specs and Location:

Full time out of our office in Calgary.


Send us a few lines about why this job is interesting to you, your Linkedin profile link and your resume to and we will be in touch!