Remove PS prefix when exporting

How to remove the prefix photoshop adds to file names with the “layers to the files” export photoshop using bridge.

Often we’ll will make asset templates we handoff to clients and partners to make bulk exporting easy. Internally we use Sketch, but we find most clients and vendors more conformable with Photoshop. I like to stay organized in my files, but photoshop adds prefixes based on the art boards and layers used in the photoshop file.

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Why We’re Choosing Craft

Now 10 sites in – This CMS is a winner.

Craft is a Content Management System aimed at developers. It came out of Beta in 2013 and has been growing in popularity and features at an astonishing pace. In our opinion, it now stands head and shoulders above the other options we have worked with.

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Project Foos

Also a reference article for explaining iterative design / development process.

An ongoing account of our internal foosball nerdiness. This is an evolving post following our internal foosball project as it takes shape.

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Greater Artists Improve

An iterative approach to long-term success.

At Pump, we’re always focused on improving your online presence and offering the best online experience for your users. Our best-in-class web design, online software development, and online marketing services are born from our belief that greater artists improve.

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Clearing up the Consent Confusion

What is CASL Consent?

We fear what we don’t understand. So, as an addition to our previous post on Ensuring CASL Compliance Using MailChimp, we want to take a moment to help you understand what consent is and how it applies to your email marketing efforts.

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Ensuring CASL Compliance with MailChimp

A helpful primer on CASL and staying compliant using MailChimp

Canada's new anti-spam law is great for consumers, but the details are vague and confusing to many businesses. Here’s how you can use MailChimp to ensure that you are collecting and sending emails properly so you aren’t bitten by the new laws.

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