Remove PS prefix when exporting

How to remove the prefix photoshop adds to file names with the “layers to the files” export photoshop using bridge.

Often we’ll will make asset templates we handoff to clients and partners to make bulk exporting easy. Internally we use Sketch, but we find most clients and vendors more conformable with Photoshop. I like to stay organized in my files, but photoshop adds prefixes based on the art boards and layers used in the photoshop file.

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Our New Home

Building in one of Calgary's oldest buildings

​We love working in spaces with history and character. Our last home was at the Dominion Bridge building, built in 1919 and later becoming the birthplace of many steel bridges throughout Canada. Our new home is equally historic and full of character.

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Small By Design

Intentionally returning to “small by design”

Nearly 10 years ago Pump Interactive began as a three man design and development shop which prided itself on providing clients with the unique experience of superior quality products and service completed by the very people who owned and operated the business. We deliberately set out to achieve steady growth and over the years our team size shifted to accommodate the needs of a diverse client base.

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Why You Shouldn't Search Your Own Company

Reasons Self-Searching Isn't Best Practice

After embarking on a new paid search or SEO campaign, you’re probably eager to see results. Most likely, you have the urge to Google brand terms and keywords to see where you rank and to review the content.

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From Expression Engine to Craft

Moving on from Expression Engine to Craft

For now our go to CMS is Craft. We don’t take a major technology shift lightly but recommend certain clients migrate off Expression Engine. We are going to outline the main reasons why we initially selected Expression Engine, what has changed, and what shifting to Craft CMS means.

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Why We’re Choosing Craft

Now 10 sites in – This CMS is a winner.

Craft is a Content Management System aimed at developers. It came out of Beta in 2013 and has been growing in popularity and features at an astonishing pace. In our opinion, it now stands head and shoulders above the other options we have worked with.

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Content Starter Ideas

Developing Content for Success

It can be tough come up with ideas for content. Starting with a content strategy helps you understand who your audience is and what kind of content they might like, but a content strategy is a roadmap, not a set of directions to build each piece of content. Sometimes you just need some ideas to get the content flowing.

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Project Foos

Also a reference article for explaining iterative design / development process.

An ongoing account of our internal foosball nerdiness. This is an evolving post following our internal foosball project as it takes shape.

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Agency Collaboration

Over the past several years we have worked on many projects as design collaborations with other talented agencies in the city. In fact, most of our clients are engaged with some other creative agency in one way or another.

Over the past several years we have worked on many projects as design collaborations with other talented agencies in the city. In fact, most of our clients are engaged with some other creative agency in one way or another. While we believe we bring high value, strong design capabilities to the table; we completely understand the need for brand consistency and respect the roll of brand stewardship.

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The Ever-Evolving List of Stock Photo Sites

Brought to you by Pump Interactive

All you need is a nice visual to go along with that great writing of yours. But where do you find the perfect visual?At one of the stock photo sites listed right here in our ever-evolving list of stock photo sites.

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Christina Hagerty & Calgary Lofts

Christina Hagerty & Calgary Lofts

Christina Hagerty is a leader in Calgary real estate. Prior to coming to Pump she had several sites that were built at separate times as separate systems. Nearly identical content was loaded into these systems, so managing content was both horribly inefficient, but bad for search rankings as the sites were competing against each other.

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We've Moved!

We're now proudly located in Ramsay... Stop by for a coffee!

After 8 years in our old office on 11th Ave SW, our team is so very excited to announce we have recently moved into a new character office space in Ramsay. We are now located adjacent to the Rosso Coffee Roasters on 24th Avenue SE, come on by and enjoy a fresh coffee while we give you an office tour.

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We Teach You to Fish

Because we believe in you

All you need is this rallying cry, some direction, and the right tools.

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A Simple Guide to Iterative Development

Develop Iteratively and Continuously Improve

The iterative approach to developing digital products is sometimes hard for business owners or management to wrap their heads around. The unknowns around budgets and final deliverables scares them. They’d rather discuss the project internally, perhaps with focus groups and other traditional feedback gathering, to define a full feature set and a budget that they feel will get their customers what the want, or at least what they asked for. In our experience, more often than not the feature set conceptualized isn’t what their customers are actually looking for and they end up spending a ton of money on features that don’t get used.

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Pocket Homes in the News

Tinder of Calgary Real Estate is the Startup of the Week!

Our team at Pump is proud to announce that Pocket Homes has been featured in this week's​ Startup of the Week as seen in the Calgary Herald!

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We're Hiring!

Lead Back-End Developer Needed

We are looking for an individual with a robust skill-set that will be responsible for custom web development throughout the entire lifecycle of various projects. Using their own leadership and programming skills, this person will be responsible for custom web development in PHP, PHP frameworks and PHP based Content Management Systems.

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Outsourcing vs In-Housing Your Digital Strategy

Should we build our website internally or hire a digital studio?

These days, your website is only one a piece of a much bigger digital puzzle, and figuring out how it all fits together is the key to deciding whether to build it internally or source it externally. What do you need your website to do? What do your customers expect from your website? Do I have the in-house talent to build what I need? Every business is different and every business changes and evolves over time. So instead of asking for external advice about what you should do, we always recommend business owners analyze their own business to help them identify which approach will provide the most value for their business.

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Greater Artists Improve

An iterative approach to long-term success.

At Pump, we’re always focused on improving your online presence and offering the best online experience for your users. Our best-in-class web design, online software development, and online marketing services are born from our belief that greater artists improve.

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Google's "Mice" Update

Or as some are calling it, Google's "Mobilegeddon"

Today, Google implemented a big change to the algorithm it uses to determine where your site is ranked in its mobile search results. This change is focused entirely on the mobile usability of your site and Google's mobile search results.

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Clearing up the Consent Confusion

What is CASL Consent?

We fear what we don’t understand. So, as an addition to our previous post on Ensuring CASL Compliance Using MailChimp, we want to take a moment to help you understand what consent is and how it applies to your email marketing efforts.

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Ensuring CASL Compliance with MailChimp

A helpful primer on CASL and staying compliant using MailChimp

Canada's new anti-spam law is great for consumers, but the details are vague and confusing to many businesses. Here’s how you can use MailChimp to ensure that you are collecting and sending emails properly so you aren’t bitten by the new laws.

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Conversion Matters

How applying simple principles to a quote request form yielded a 60% boost in conversion rates

We hear this all the time: “If only more people were coming to our site then we could drastically increase our revenue.” That's only half the story.

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To Build or Buy

That is the Question

Business owners require software applications to power their businesses and provide necessary tools for employees to execute business functions, integrate transactions with partners and service customers.

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The Hidden Value of Pay-Per-Click Ads for Search Engine Optimization

The Hidden Value of Pay-Per-Click Ads for Search Engine Optimization

Pay-per-click ads and search engine optimization are often considered to be two entirely different topics. Because one involves the “organic” listings that sites like Google display, and one is the sponsored or “paid” listings, they don’t seem to have much to do with each other… or do they?

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Running Facebook Contests

6 tips for success

Running contests on your company’s Facebook fan page can be an effective way to leverage social media to engage your fans and/or increase your fan base. While contests may seem old school, there are “too many of them” or “people just won’t care” — a well-run promotion and contest can reap rewards.

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