Pump Interactive Casino in Calgary

Come experience the ultimate land-based casino in Calgary – Pump Interactive Casino. With over 50 gaming tables and 700 slot machines, along with a 300 seat showroom featuring world-class entertainment, it truly is the best. Our casino offers a variety of games, including Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat and more. 

Here, you can feel a real casino atmosphere and have drinks with fellow players, enjoying cocktails at our pub bar or savouring a lavish meal in the restaurant: pump Interactive Casino – unrivalled access to the best of Calgary’s nightlife.

Casino Pump

Step up to a VIP experience in the centre of the action. We’re an adult entertainment venue that combines gaming, dining and live music. Our luxury casino offers a range of games with spectacular scenery. So have a great time at a table game, or get some fresh air in our outdoor patio overlooking Calgary Mountains while drinking your cocktail.

Our table games

It’s a place where you can spin the reels or take your pick from table games, whichever suits your fancy!


Roulette is a major game that is popular with the public. There are two versions, one popular with American rooms and the other more European. In Pump Interactive Casino, we also have these two games.



Originally a casino game, the success of the game of poker was such that it ended up leaving the rooms. International competitions, TV channels, and poker are now played worldwide and watched with fascination by the general public, who hold their breath every time a player dares a move. You can also become one of the participants in such an event by playing one of the poker variants.



Blackjack is a casino game that involves fighting the dealer. The one is beloved by many and is an integral part of any gambling establishment. Even the online version is sure to be present in the online casinos of Canada. This card game can be found on all sites from the list of the best brands offering Blackjack online and other popular entertainment. The goal? To get a higher score than the dealer without going over 21. The ultimate goal is to reach 21 points with only two cards: an ace and a king, an ace and a queen or an ace and a jack. This winning combination is called Blackjack.



Like most casino games, baccarat came into being, especially with the popularity of gambling, in the 19th century. It is also the first game on this list that is played with cards. It gained enormous notoriety as the game of choice for James Bond. So become another “Super Agent” and visit our baccarat tables.


Become a VIP

Our loyal customers receive VIP status. Thanks to this status, they may use our bar services free of charge, and all drinks are on us. Also, visitors with VIP status automatically take part in the drawing of two free tickets to the big show, which takes place at our place once a week and free dinner at our restaurant for two.

Bonus Free Bar
Casino Free Dinner
Casino Big Show

With Pump Interactive Casino and Great Canadian Gaming, you’ll always stay in the spotlight.