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One side is meticulous and deals with cold, hard logic. The other side is more emotional, artistic, and passionate.

You used to just get one or the other. Well, not anymore. We at Pump have created a new type of brain. One that works just as well with the logic of coding as it does the spirit of your killer new idea. We like to say the key benefit to having both sides is getting the full deal – and now its something you can have, too.

We are Pump Interactive, a Digital Marketing Company.

We’re a full service digital agency based in Calgary with over 10 years of experience in helping clients make digital marketing work to their unique needs. We’re strategists, consultants, designers and marketers, plus regular easy to talk to guys. We have the background to know where you’re coming from and we won’t geek out on you if you have questions or want insight into our world.

It’s safe to say that if you want to reach people today, a significant part of that is going to happen online. We’re results driven and can support you with every element of your digital needs – end to end.

You probably have questions – we’ve got some good answers.

So say Hello, and get us started on your interactive success today.
Or, just say Hello. We’re good with that, too.

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Case Study: GlassMasters autoglassFixing the chips in GlassMaster's internet marketing plan

The Situation:

GlassMaster has always had convenient locations and top notch service at a competitive price. Unfortunately their website used to be full of cracks. GlassMaster had been watching their phonebook advertising (that had been the backbone of the company's growth for years) decline year after year - without getting any cheaper. They came to Pump knowing that internet marketing was the answer, but with no idea how to execute it.

Pump's Answer:

Pump revamped the GlassMaster website, developed an online marketing plan that included search engine optimization (SEO) — and online advertising to capture more customers hunting for auto glass repair online. Pump also took on monthly maintenance and online marketing activities to ensure ongoing results. The online marketing was so successful, the client asked Pump to implement online lead-management to more efficiently handle the influx of online and phone-in leads.

The Results:

After the new site launched, leads immediately jumped by 4x. After Pump’s search marketing plan was implemented, those numbers increased further. Overall, GlassMaster has seen a 3000% increase in online leads, a 200% rise in online advertising traffic, and conversion rates – the number of visitors who decided to call or contact the company through their website – went from 5% to 8% after Pump tested and made refinements to the sign up form!

There was a downside to all of our work, though… the GlassMaster’s owner actually asked Pump to stop sending so much business their way, as they needed a new system to handle all the leads!


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Case Study: Green DropNew growth for Green Drop

The Situation:

After 30 years of steady growth, and despite having thousands of satisfied customers, Green Drop had experienced a few years of sluggish sales growth. The company embarked on a rebranding effort (with Calgary-based agency Karo) to reinvigorate the brand. The new image called for a site redesign and a shift to more online marketing activities.

Pump's Answer:

Pump wanted to ensure consumers searching for weed removal services learned about Green Drop, but more importantly, the new site needed to convert visitors into buyers. After rebuilding their site to make it more attractive and simplify the purchase process, Pump shifted attention to search engine marketing. Pump used a mixture of keyword research, focused copywriting, and efficient Google pay-per-click advertising to attract site visitors. Pump also executed a social media contest and an aggressive e-mail campaign to stay in touch with customers, promote services and encourage bookings.

The Results:

Within months, online sales increased 50% from the previous year due to the high converting website, improved search engine rankings, and more effective pay-per-click marketing. Pageviews increased by 84%, suggesting higher engagement at the site by visitors. Green Drop's Facebook followers have also doubled in a short period of time.

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Case Study: True North MortgageSimple math: More mortgage leads = more sales

The Situation:

Dan Eisner launched True North Mortgage with a bold vision: disrupt the mortgage industry by replacing independent brokers with retail outlets where mortgage specialists are driven by customer service - not commission. Since 1999, Dan has opened seven stores, been named Mortgage Broker of the Year, and impressed the dragons on CBC’s “The Dragon's Den”. Along the way, in 2009, Dan hired Pump to build the second generation of his website in an effort to boost online sales.

Pump's Answer:

The site was redesigned to be more intuitive and clearly convey why so many home shoppers and owners were turning to True North for financing. Pump ensured rates were easily accessible on the home page and the online application process was simplified. Subsequently, Pump delivered a number of enhancements to True North’s site, including a restructured rates database system to allow distribution of rate data to a variety of outlets. Smartphone / tablet apps, In-store rate screens, and even TV displays in malls.

The Results:

Mortgage applications jumped by 50% after the redesigned site was launched due to increased credibility and an easier online application process. The technology foundation made it possible to scale the site with new features, add more content, and display the site on new interfaces without significant rework. When Dan turned to the Pump team, it was because he wanted a smart, efficient agency to work with that understood the bottom line – and that's exactly what he got. His business has grown substantially since Pump re-launched the site in 2009 and Pump is glad to have contributed to his success.

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Case Study: Homes by AviRebuilding HBA’s digital foundation

The Situation:

When Pump first met the management team at Homes By Avi, their web site required attention. Since 1981, Homes By Avi had developed a reputation for being one of the highest-quality home builders in Calgary. However, their web site didn't meet the high standards and level of quality that characterizes their homes.

Thus, management decided to make additional investments to enhance the site. They sought to improve the usability and navigation efficiency, improve the content management system to make updating the site easier, and create a more scalable technology foundation to more easily evolve the site.

Pump's Answer:

Rather than jump quickly into another expensive and time-consuming redesign, the team at Pump huddled with managers and executives to create a comprehensive plan. Pump researched customers and competitors, conducted extensive stakeholder interviews to understand what the business needed and built detailed composites and blueprints for a new site. Pump facilitated many meetings with the Homes by Avi's team until there was a clear consensus and a prudent plan to move forward.

The Results:

Pump laid a solid foundation to rebuild the Homes by Avi website to avoid past mistakes before placing the blueprints into the hands of their internal development team. This large project required a new way of thinking. Pump is proud of how we stepped into a tough situation to help Home By Avi rebuild their site the right way.

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Our owners are workers, our clients are friends and our employees are family.

As owners we work directly with our clients. We develop deep insight into their unique business challenges and work with them to develop well thought out, long sighted strategies. Being owners, those strategies stay put.

We're casual about dressing up for work, but serious about the long term relationships we build with our clients. When our clients succeed we succeed.

We're easy to work with.

Our ability to work together and successfully collaborate with our clients defines us as a company. We’ve built our business on life-long friendships and the desire to respectfully share, invent and integrate insightful ideas with cutting-edge technology. We attract those who love our energetic, home-like atmosphere.

We work with those who are inspired by what we do and how we grow their business success online.


We listen. We plan. We draw on the right tools to achieve measurable results.

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